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About Us

Since 1976, founder Kevin Scott, has been working with all forms of

telecommunications technologies and equipment. 

Kevin has seen many changes over the last 30 years in communications and has been part of the internet in the early days through running a Commodore Bulletin Board Service. He found computing was an exciting area and knew its progress would change the way we do many things. Advances saw communications in a broad sense advance through the new technologies that have been developed. Kevin now focusses within IP Telephony and Integration where his expertise and broad Telecommunication knowledge is being sought after not only on a consumer level, also from distributors and manufacturers alike.

How we can help you 

If you have any communication needs, and want a solution designed for you rather than just a cost price sale, then why not ask for an obligation free quotation or ask us to design your telephony for you. We also provide additions, moves and changes as needed. We market the technology equipment that we use, so all of the guesswork has been taken out of the equation, and you are not used as a test site. We practise what we preach - this is our promise to you, and we stand behind the product and do not pass you back to the manufacturer as other businesses will do.